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I'm Leanne, a twenty-one year old artist/designer from Canada. This blog is about things that inspire and amuse me, while also occasionally showing some of my own work.
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New awesome candle :) #bathandbodyworks #candle #summer #mmm #yummy #love #wildpoppies

Guess where I went for supper? #photooftheday #medhat #truck #food #mmm

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“The best roles you have to fight for. You have to really want to do it and you have to go after it.” -Cillian Murphy


Burger Pictographs by Cyprien Bellens

Have a much clearer comprehension of what you’re putting in your mouth with these helpful pictograms by Bellens, visually expressing the attributes of all your favorite heart-stopping McDonalds hamburgers, without the need to unhinge your jaw and attempt to devour them all in one fell gulp.

Artist: Behance / Dribbble